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What A Patient Expects From A Doctor

When you are down with fever, the doctor comes to your rescue. You always look for comfort and medicine in the doctor to save you from an illness that troubles you. So, it is only fait that you expect certain qualities in a doctor that will please you and make you feel safe because you are trusting your life with him and giving it to his hands to receive medication. Below are some of the most important features that a doctor should have in order to be categorized as a good one.

Understands you the way you expect them to

He is not there to command you on what to do. Firstly, he will ask you and try to reason out as to why you have come to this stage of illness without coming into conclusions. He should not be judgemental and ask you to quit eating sweets or to completely stop alcohol consumption. He will speak to you and explain to you as to why you should quit and how it will help you in gaining back your healthy life. That is the job of the doctor.

Money is not everything

He needs to understand your financial situation. He should not be one of those people that charges more when he feels like, but more of a fair and just person who is attentive to your requests and pleadings. For instance, a pediatrician in Dubai might think it is alright to charge more from parents of a child that comes from a wealthy family. That is discrimination towards the society. Therefore, if you are taking your child to consult to a doctor, pick out the fair ones.

Time is valuable

A patient’s time is as precious as a doctor’s. Some of them travel miles just to meet that specific doctor because he is known to help certain diseases. It will be very unfair to the patient if he/she is kept awaiting for hours even after a channelling one in the correct manner. For example, a patient expecting to get a gastroenterology treatment done will first have to channel a doctor and then proceed. If the doctor is unable to take him in at the right time as promised, his/her condition might become worse and will have to wait longer and still the doctor will not be blamed.

Effective decision making

Certain decision regarding a patient’s disease should be taken along with the patient. It is very important that his/her day-to-day habits are taken into consideration before giving any treatments, medicines and permanent advises.

Picking the right doctor is up to you; make the choice worth it!