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Setting Up A Greeting Card Business

With so many holidays and special occasions celebrated around the year, the greeting card business is one of the most lucrative and successful small- and large-scale businesses in the world – if you manage to corner the market. So many people try it because it seems fairly easy to do and can be done without a large initial investment. Here are some of the things you need to be concerned with when you set up a greeting card business. Look here to gain information about other services that this printing company can offer.

Unique Selling Point

Ask yourself, why should the customer select your card over someone else’s (perhaps better-known) version? Your greeting cards must have something unique about them that get their attention. Perhaps it’s the low prices or the high quality of the picture. Perhaps it is the snarky, sassy messages that draw people in. Some cards are painstakingly hand-made while others are mass printed. If you are to compete with the dozens of other greeting cards out there, you have to decide how you want to approach your business.

Quality and Quantity

Some card businesses cater to niche markets so their printing company gets very few orders. Others are made-to-order, meaning that they one card per customer and never repeat a design. Still others will run hundreds of one card. Whichever you decide, remember that if the core product isn’t good, the customers will dwindle down. That means that you need to ensure that your cards are printed in high quality. If the ink starts coming off of the paper in the customer’s hands, that’s a bad sign of your future.

Build Your Brand

If you run your business right, then eventually people will start to recognize your brand. However, it won’t hurt to help it along a bit, so use the same printing services in Dubai to run a few ads, billboards and other advertising gimmicks now and then. Hand out discounts during the holiday season, when people will be buying cards in droves. Do promotions on social media. Run an app for online greeting cards. Try something new and market the hell out of it.

Content for the Card

Some card businesses don’t pay much attention to the inside of the card, instead running decades worth of cliché verses. However, with the advent of social media dedicated to showcasing arts and crafts, if you are not innovative, people are simply going to make or print their own cards. If you are not very creative yourself with words, find someone who is and make them your content writer. A card with a lame picture on the front can still compel a customer into buying it if the inside has a funny, intelligent comment. Designing a Valentine’s Day card? Please don’t go for the usual “Be my Valentine” slogan; try something different like, “Be the cuffs round my wrist” – unusual features make for memorable branding.