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How To Save Your Car From Harmful Sunrays?

Window screens have been useful for us since 1960’s. However they have with time undergone quite much of an improvement so as to suit the modern day requirements.

A window film is basically a thin layer of transparent material which is applied on to the window of your car. This is done because it helps to block destructive sun rays and radiation to enter the car. These effective screens prevent harmful radiations from passing through glass and also help in reflection of light.

A window tint comes out being quite handy because you get saved from harmful sunrays and feel safer inside your car even during mid day, when the sun is right above your head. You can travel peacefully without getting affected by the sun’s glare. They are helpful in shunning the sun’s glare however does not block the sunlight completely. This way the harmful rays get stopped while the light enters your car, making the environment bright enough but safe.

Let us know, how these films work?

These films are generally made from clear polyester. It has a very clear and thin polyester film. These films are prepared from several tinting agents, by dye or metal deposition techniques. The second film that is prepared from tinting agents like dye or metal is quite helpful in blocking unsafe rays of the sun which eventually cause fading of colors and negatively affects your skin. UV-A and UV-B rays are known to have a dangerous affect and if you stay exposed to it for long, it can cause skin cancer too.

Even though there is a wide array of window screens available, almost each of them offer you the following basic principles:

• Reflection

• Radiation

• Absorption

• Transmittance

This is how they eventually work:

These help in reflecting a huge section of the detrimental and harmful ultraviolet rays with something that’s known as ‘sputter coating’ (coating made of metal particles). This is how a huge portion of sunrays gets rejected. The more amount of sputter coating, the better the rays get rejected.

Even though a certain section of the sunlight gets absorbed and reflected by the car tint, most of the sunlight gets filtered which enters the car. This comes in quite handy since you can straight away reduce the glare, but without drawing or pulling down curtains, because in that case your car would get dark and dingy.

There are many businesses available online that offer these films and window tinting. However, you have to make sure that you select the right provider to get the best products.