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How To Protect Buildings In Areas Prone To Bushfire?

Fire safety is a common practice that should be followed to protect your property from the devastating effects of fire. While, most of the measures are planning during the construction of the building, but still there is a lot that you can do even after it. This article will focus on the simple steps that you can take for securing your building which prone to bushfire.

Bushfire is wildfire that occurs from bushes and leads to property damage and at times loss of life too. The outcome of this fire can be reduced to a dramatic extent with the installation of Fire Rated (FR) aluminum composite panel. This cladding works as a passive fire protection system and is able to withstand the effects of fire without altering their structure in any way. Moreover, they are created from a wide range of materials too, like copper, zinc stainless steel, titanium and many more.

Why cladding is useful to prevent bushfire?

The bushfire is a natural phenomenon that occurs outdoors and spreads in no time. This is the reason why the buildings that are situated in such areas become a victim of this fire easily. Now, with the use of aluminium cladding you can actually prevent the fire from penetrating into the property and this is something that keeps its safe and away from the high temperature or heat.

Another amazing property of FR cladding is that not only are they able to resist the activity of fire, but they can even do this for a long period of time, based on the rating of the material that you choose. Therefore, a good idea is to understand the intensity of fire attacks that takes place in your locality and then opt for a cladding according to that. The more is the range of severity the higher rating you will require.

The common categories of FR includes

• Class Ratings 125

• Class Ratings 150 and’

• Class Ratings 350

These are the standardized class of fire-rated products that differ in terms of the temperature and time-period till which they are able to withstand fire. The higher is the ratings, the more effective it will be. For, properties it is usually suggested to go for Class Ratings 125 to 150 fireproofing cladding.

Protecting now can save a lot in future

The damage caused by bushfire attacks is unpredictable. But, it can definitely be prevented when you have installed a fireproofing cladding in the exteriors. This is why investing on the ideal option can apparently help you save tons in the future.

So, whether you have a residential or commercial property make sure that it is protected using certified fire safety protocols and incorporate the best FR rated products for the same.