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How To Keep Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Cluttered bedrooms are a problem for most of us face. Early mornings, full days, and tired evenings make sure that we don’t have a lot of energy to tackle the clutter when it’s still manageable. And as a result, the clutter only piles up, leaving your room looking dirty, stuffy and depressing. If you are someone who’s looking for methods and tips to declutter your room, then you need not look any further. Our experts in home keeping have gathered a few of their best decluttering tips; just for you. Read ahead to find them…

In reducing, you’ll find your answers

In the case of tackling the clutter, clearing out the unwanted things can be your best bet. Keeping only the furniture that you frequently use. If your vanity has a stool, and if you don’t use it when you dress up, then pushing it out of the room is recommended. It’s usually what eventually converts to “the chair”; and everyone knows that’s one of the biggest clutter collectors.

Clear out a path

Most often, your room can feel cluttered even when it’s not. Try to clear a path so you can easily manure around your room. This will immediately make your room feel decluttered. It’s also a good idea to avoid placing large furniture pieces just inside the door. Also, make sure that you are able to open your doors wide—the arrangement of your furniture, the size of it, and the size of your room all play a part here.

Allot a home

By allotting a place for each item you own, you are automatically helping yourself declutter. Train yourself (and whoever shares you room) to place the coats, shoes, handbags, jewelry…whatever they’ve used for the day, back where it belongs. Even things like extra pillows for the bed, and lighter blankets you use during warmer days can be stashed in a trunk at the foot of your bed. It’s also a brilliant idea to allot a “home” for the once used clothes (like sweaters or jackets); as these are what usually clutter up all free surfaces.

Embrace multiple purpose

Since cluttering usually happens in smaller spaces, it’s a natural assumption that cluttered places lack storage space. Try to find furniture that aid you in this. A custom bed with storage, a vanity stool with storage, and even headboards Dubai with pull out shelves are all brilliant ideas for storage space in small spaces and bedrooms.

Hide away those pesky wires

No doubt your room has many wires that double duty as dust collectors on the days you don’t get your cleaning done. These wires littering the floors, walls, table and bedside can make your room appear messy. Apart from giving the possible wires a home (like the chargers and the headphones), try to tuck away the wires that can’t be put away (like the bedside lamp’s wires). Instead of letting the long wires pool on the floor, try to gather it and pin it up to the wall or some hidden surface.