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Giving Up Public Transport For Good

Many young people dream of the day that they will be able to give up public transport completely and drive their own vehicle to work. The sad fact is that the majority of working people spend many hours traveling from home to work in the morning in terrible office rush traffic and then back home again in the evening which wastes many precious hours of their day. While it is essential for young people to work and earn a living, all of the time spent stuck in office rush traffic is important time that these young people can spend with their families. Although the thought of driving your own car might seem like an impossible dream at this point of time, the truth is that it is not as impossible as it may sound.

Inexpensive ways of driving to work

In order to find a way of driving to work without having to break the bank or spend excessive amounts of money, you will need to think out of the box. Speak to a rent a car in Sharjah company about the costs involved with hiring a car on a monthly rental basis. You will be surprised to find that the costs involved with hiring the car for an entire month is a lot cheaper than the calculation of daily rental prices into thirty days which can seem extremely expensive.

The next best way to save money is to car pool with some friends who live in the area who also might be paying money on bus rental in Abu Dhabi or train rental every day. You might be surprised to find that when you calculate the money spent on public transport every day you will be able to cover the cost of renting out a vehicle once your car pool quite easily with some money to spare as well. A car can usually accommodate five people.

If you have a little money saved in the bank, you might even want to consider paying a down payment for leasing a vehicle and paying the amount of money that you get from carpooling as your monthly installment so that one day in the future, the car will be yours and you will be able to take your own vehicle to work and still cover the cost fuel. It is important for you to look in to the possibility instead of thinking it may be impossible for you to own your own vehicle because the chances are you can own your own vehicle if you think creatively.