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Excess Body Hair Solutions And Remedies

No matter your gender, excess body hair tends to get on every one of your nerves! Not only is it unsightly and irritating, it lowers your self-esteem and confidence. In certain instances, you may even be too concerned about this that you don’t give though to what’s happening around you! Fortunately however, there are several options you can always look into if the situation goes out of hand. Listed below are some of the ways you can get rid of it.


Waxing is the favorite option! There are several waxes you could use, along with waxing strips even at home. This is also slightly painful, but gets rid of a large area of excess hair all at once. It’s important to keep your body in check, along with body shaping and getting rid of unwanted hair at all times, as this contributes to insecurities.


Threading is the other favorite among several south Asian women, it’s the use of thread to get rid of excess facial/body hair and works like a charm. Once you get the hang of it, with a little practice you can even do it on your own instead of visiting a salon every two weeks! Depending on your skin and growth, it may take up to a week or several weeks for the hair to show up again. This is tried and tested by many women, and although a little painful, is highly recommended!

Longer lasting options

There are several other longer lasting removal options, where several places offer the best laser hair removal Dubai. Laser treatment is the way to rid yourself of excess hair once and for all! Visit appropriate clinics that provide this option and gather all the information you need before going ahead with it!


Bleaching your excess hair simply means lightening it! There are several brands of facial and bleach that you can use. Bleaching is ideal if you’re afraid or do not want to completely get rid of your excess facial hair, or if it’s just a small amount you need to conceal. It’s important however to remember that bleach is extremely strong, so make sure you try it on a small part of your skin prior to actual application to check for any skin allergies. Once you’re in the clear, it’s a few simple steps to follow and can be done right at home!

If the situation isn’t too bad, you don’t have to fret about it, it’s probably only you that notices it! If not, look into the given options and pick what you think suits best.