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Cut Through The Jaw… It’s All About The Look!

Each of us could agree that we born with a variety of different traits and characteristics which makes us stand out from the rest. Whilst some of these traits are mainly internal and personality related, one should most certainly pay close attention to the minute details that conform our outer appearance which really plays a huge role in our day to day lives, whether one chooses to admit it or not. Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin, or bone structures or figures or even fabulous hair, however if one really needs a makeover in areas particularly pertaining to the way in which you look, welcome to the 21st century where as long as you have a sizeable health insurance, anything really is possible.
With all the trendy magazines and other social media bringing about the latest trends in fashion or even pulling out style back into the market with an infusion of that of the present, the need to look good and adapt to the speed at which trends in fashion really grow has not only put a strain on the way in which people think about their clothes, but models have really set the bar really high in its depiction of flawlessness, leading youngsters to go the extra mile and to actually confer medical help in order to alter or improve their appearance. Whilst one may consider the job of a dermatologist in Dubai rather harmless as all medication is perfectly monitored and prescribed accordingly, does one really go into detail and research as to what really is in the tablets that are usually taken or even the possible after effects? Medication for acne such as Doxycycline for example, contains substances which are also present in birth control pills, thus one could bring out the question as to if such extreme treatment for skin is really that necessary?
Moreover, another extreme measure that is now taken up widely is the alteration of one’s facial structures. This began with what is commonly known as a “nose job”, which is plastic surgery that takes place around the nose in order to alter the shape of one’s nose; however this has now grown in a huge scale to the extent that people are actually visiting an orthopedic surgeon to know as to if it is possible to shape one’s bones especially facially.
Nevertheless, what one should always bear in mind is that, as long as they can afford it, they would be able to live off cosmetology and plastic surgery, however looks do always fade, but why not go for some harmless derma care if you really feel like you need it; after all, there really nothing wrong in pursuing perfection.