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Can Watches Be A Good Investment?

When it comes to investment, most people refer to tangible property assets, such as real estate or financial instruments, like stocks or bonds that fetch long-term returns. A good investment is characterized by no expiry date. Similarly, one must have seen people pour in hefty amount of money for their televisions or buying the costliest smart phone. iphone lovers often buy an apple product which is way too costly with an investment view point. Dropping thousands of dollars on an elegantly designed and priciest Apple watch is an investment to many; however there are concerns sceptics have pointed out that these would lose value over time and clearly indicate poor financial investment.

Mechanical watches

Now what about the classic vintage mechanical watches? Are these bad investments? Most people connect to these watches with their soul as these express a lot of sentiments. While many people consider buying a mechanical watch as an investment and these come with a high price tag, it is important to realize and understand if these watches do qualify for a good investment. Electricity – deprived and technologically static, these watches are far from the latest cutting edge technological innovations and this is exactly why most people consider purchasing these watches. Hublot watches are one such type of watches lacking the modern day hi-tech features thereby limiting the risk of becoming obsolete.

Is buying a watch an investment?

Like other hard assets, such as wine, art, gold, real estate and so on, many people consider buying of vintage classic watches to be an investment as these carry high prices, such as the panerai watches price Dubai is higher than many brands, due to limited stock. However, it is critical for one to understand if these really qualify to be part of your core investment portfolio. In the world of horology, low buy and high sell are not that rampant unlike in other investment markets and it would be wrong if you considered investing in watches at par with other financial investments. These are more connected to sentiments and experience a lot of fickle in the market with even one person largely able to influence the market. The tremendous success of Rolex watches is a burning example where its sales surged high after James Bond donned it in his Bond series.

Can watches be a good investment choice for you?

Investing in watches might not be suitably termed as a good financial investment due to the high bubbles in the market that might soon burst. However, if it is a vintage collection, certainly it does and the key is the limited market supply which helps its value to grow over time.